Washing Up Pad

Washing Up Pad

Double Sided for scrubbing and wiping. The Scrubbing side will not scratch delicate surfaces but cuts through burnt in mess. The Wiping side cleans up loosened dirt leaving no residue behind. The sponge in the centre creates suds. Washable hundreds of times, which means it can be sanitised so is more hygienic.

  • Double Sided
  • Great for burnt in mess
  • Will not scratch
  • Perfect for grease and grime with dishwashing liquid
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect tool for all your dishwashing needs:
    • Glasses, Plates, Cutlery, Cookware

    Size: 32 x 32cm x2
    Scrubbing Side Material: 85.1% Polyester / 14.9% Polyamide
    Smooth Side Material: 90.6% Polyester / 9.4% Polyamide
    *99.9% Removal of E. coli/ L. monocytogenes/  A/ brasiliensis
    Made in China


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